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A Guide To Authenticating Your Fendi Handbag

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Fendi Bag? Here’s How You Check Its Authenticity

Are you wondering about the authenticity of your Fendi bag? Here is a quick authentication guide.


The monogrammed logo, specifically the Zucca & Zucchino bag, should shave both Fs in the same size. They should be perfectly aligned with each other, but should never touch. The second line in the iconic Fs should be shorter and thinner than the first.


Hologram or RFID tag

Fendi bags will either have a RFID tag or a hologram depending on when it was made. In 2010, the switch was made from holograms, which they began to use in 2004, to RFID tags. You can use a RFID to receive information about your bags from bags with a RFID tag.


Serial Numbers

A Fendi serial number consists of 16-17 letters and numbers separated by dashes that match the number found on the authentication card. The serial number will never be located on fabric. It can be found on the interior leather’s back, or in a leather tag sewn in the bag’s seam.

Fendi bags made prior to 1980 do not have a serial number.

Serial Number


Fendi bags have high quality hardware. The claps are made using three options: heavy-duty nickel, brass or nickel plating. Other pieces of hardware, such as the snaps, rings and studs will have the word “FENDI”  or the Fendi FF logo embossed.


Authenticity Card

This card is found in the bag’s pocket, and it contains information about the bag such as bar-code, model, color and serial number, The Fendi logo and the words made in Italy.

Authenticity Card

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